Peekaboo Chic- Ruffle slip extender review

So a few weeks ago, I saw Celeste from Hello Celeste wear a slip extender from Peekaboo Chic. Probably, oh, a million years ago, I bought a slip extender off of a cute little shop on Etsy called ASlipShop—which I still use and love! But the ones from Peekaboo Chic looked slightly different—half slips, full slips, shirts…and they were a little fuller, a little sassier. Plus they had a few color options that I knew would work with my array of dresses. (Though ASlipShop now has lots of color options too!)

FYI, I never wear pants. Ever. Not even jeans. I’m a 100% dress gal every day of the year.

I ordered the Classy vs. Sassy half slip in cream. It’s. SO. CUTE! The material is so soft and I love the ruffles and lace. I couldn’t wait to wear it—it was a little warmer today so I paired it with a longsleeved dress and booties from Vionic. (I couldn’t find the exact ones I have, but here’s something similar)

cute ruffle slip

It may sound old fashioned, but wearing the slip makes me more comfortable. I don’t have to worry about walking over a grate and the air blowing up my skirt or dress. Or having an awkward moment when the train comes and my dress goes everywhere. Or a sudden burst of wind from LITERALLY NOWHERE as I’m walking down the street.

cute ruffle slip review

The details are lovely and it’s just really well made. This is definitely going to be a staple in my wardrobe as the seasons change…if they change!




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