My Valentine’s Day Plans Are Better Than Yours

The great thing about holidays like Valentine’s Day is not being able to spend them with my partner. It’s that kids LOVE holidays. They love the decorations, they love the food, and they love being able to do something that feels special. We make a point of letting Alli decorate the house with things she made at school or at her desk. Store-bought decorations can be so overrated.  But check out our front door. I’m feeling the love.



Because my better half will be away at a conference on Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to plan a “Gal”entine’s Day with Alli.

This year, I went all out. Decor, outfits, secret surprises, and loads of activities. I thought it would be fun to pick her up from school instead of her going to her normal after-school program and have a spa afternoon. We’re going to get our nails done, our hair cut, and pick up a bubble tea on the way home. Then we’re going to decorate the house for our Valentine. I can’t wait to spend this time with her.

There’s a few movies I thought would be fun to watch: “The Book of Life”, “Enchanted”, “Princess and the Frog” or “Lady and the Tramp.”— I’ll let her decide.

I’ve also picked up a few goodies to spoil her with. Because we got her the Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar last year for Christmas, she has become obsessed with these adorable little plastic guys. Fine with me— I prefer these to Monster High or even Polly Pocket.


Did you know they have PLUSH Tsum Tsums, too?? I found these guys in the clearance bin at Michael’s. She’s going to freak out!! And the purse? Yeah, I couldn’t resist. I liked the “secret” Tsum Tsum packages so of course I picked one of those up, too.

Though, I did have to look up who this was. Any guesses?


It’s Boo from Monsters Inc. (Which, I LOVE). I bought her because she was wearing pink and knew Alli would love her no matter what.

I also picked up some pretty plates and napkins so we could have a festive dinner. Meri Meri makes the cutest supplies ever. I found “love tokens” at TJMaxx a few years ago and have been milking their cuteness ever since. Take a look at my ideas for our table scape:



The other aspect of Galentine’s has extended to my friends at work. I put together a few items (again from Michaels) and wrapped them with cellophane and ribbon.  I know the ladies will love to get a little something sweet that’s NOT chocolate. Sorry, I know everyone loves candy, but you don’t want it as gifts, particularly in the beginning of the year. New Year, new you—and chocolate is the death of that!

I hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day but I’m pretty sure, mine is going to be better than yours. For more, be sure to follow along on Insta: mystepmomlife


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